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If you have to think about giving up work

If it is not possible for you to continue working because of your COPD this can be devastating. Discuss your health with your GP first. Give yourself time to think about all your options before you decide. Get as much information as you can before you make a decision and talk it through with someone you […]

Change of job or role

If you think you can no longer work in your current job you may have to think about other options. An alternative role within the same workplace? For example if you work outside at a warehouse could you change to an indoor job? Could you change to a role away from the environment which is […]

Your working day

Depending on your job there may be some flexibility to change your working day. You need to discuss options with your employer. Some employers may have more flexibility than others for example if you work for a small local company or a large national or international company the opportunities for flexibility can be different. Can […]

Discussions with your employer

If your work is affecting your health it is a good idea to start discussions with your employer when you have your diagnosis. If you work for a large organisation you may be able to speak to your occupational health or human resources department. You may already be in discussion with them. If you are off sick […]

Work and your fitness

A good place to start is to check with your GP and make sure you fully understand your COPD, your medications and how to stay as well as you can. This includes getting your flu vaccination, attending follow up appointments and so on. Discuss your work with your GP. How much physical effort you need, […]


If you are of working age and you have been diagnosed with COPD you may be concerned about how this could affect your ability to work now and in the future. Working for as long as you are able with a diagnosis of COPD provides not only a daily routine but will improve your financial, […]

Are you fit enough to travel?

It is important that you discuss with your GP or healthcare professional before booking a holiday. They can give you advice and information, as well as discussing any concerns you have. Some people with COPD may need an assessment to check if they are fit to fly. There are a variety of ways in which […]

Intimate relationships

Some people with COPD may have concerns about the condition affecting sexual relationships and intimacy. COPD does not diminish your ability to have an intimate relationship but problems with lack of energy, coughing and breathlessness may affect your stamina and interest in sex. You may even avoid sexual intimacy because you are scared you may […]