Work and COPD

5) Your working day

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Depending on your job there may be some flexibility to change your working day. You need to discuss options with your employer. Some employers may have more flexibility than others for example if you work for a small local company or a large national or international company the opportunities for flexibility can be different.

Can you change your working hours?

  • Flexi time?
  • Start later and finish later if your COPD is worse in the mornings?
  • Some companies offer condensed hours so you would work the same hours per week but over fewer days.
  • Could you reduce your hours or work part time?
  • Could you job share with someone else?
  • Could you work from home on some or all days?
  • Change from shift work to day time hours?
  • Could you negotiate time off for GP or hospital appointments? Time during the day to use your inhalers. There is no statutory right to this time off.
  • You should have a written policy to cover these situations or your employer can give discretionary leave on an individual basis.