Work and COPD

1) Work

A team of workmen pushing a trolley of the lorry wearing high visibility jackets and hard hats.

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If you are of working age and you have been diagnosed with COPD you may be concerned about how this could affect your ability to work now and in the future.

Working for as long as you are able with a diagnosis of COPD provides not only a daily routine but will improve your financial, social and psychological wellbeing as well as your physical health.

Here are some questions to think about:

  • Is your job affecting your COPD?.
  • Is your job making your COPD worse?.
  • Can your job be adjusted in some way to make managing both work and COPD easier?.

Everyone’s job role and the routines you do day-to-day at work are different.  Some jobs are physically demanding, where as other jobs can be more mentally focused and require you to sit for long periods of time.  Whatever your job, looking after yourself and managing the demands of work can be challenging. The suggestions and advice given here will hopefully allow you to consider your workplace, and the tasks you do in more detail.