Relationships and asking for the help you need (COPD)

8) Support from others with COPD

Support group

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The people who know most about coping day to day with COPD are others with the condition.

Support groups can be a great source of help, support and advice. Often other people can give you practical tips which have worked for them.

If you do not think a support group is for you there are alternatives. Your health and social care professionals can put you in contact with a variety of resources such as:

  • On line blogs or chat rooms.
  • Individuals who have agreed to allow their email to be passed on as a contact.
  • Advice lines:
  • Befriending schemes.
  • Volunteers who may be able to help and support you when you need them.

If you have been to pulmonary rehabilitation classes there may be follow up groups arranged by former pulmonary rehabilitation users. These groups offer informal support after formal rehabilitation has finished. These can be exercise based groups in local leisure facilities or a social get together for a coffee.