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Older children

Older children in the family: May feel responsible for a younger child with asthma. May resent having to watch out for the child with asthma. May be overprotective of their brother/sister fearing an attack. May be jealous of the attention the asthmatic child gets. May be embarrassed by some of the asthma symptoms their brother/sister […]

Information and education sessions

Information and education topics are tailored to the needs of the group. Topics that the information sessions may cover are: How the lungs work. How to live well with your lung problem. How to manage a flare-up or exacerbation. How to clear your chest. Medicines and inhalers. Help to stop smoking. How to control your […]

Alternative sources of help outside the NHS

Local libraries – often have a health section and information about local support groups in your area. Local coffee mornings – a good way of meeting a mix of different people. Local Authorities – what’s on in your area, leisure facilities, day or evening classes, services, clubs. They can also help with housing, if you […]

Quotes from people living with asthma

“Ongoing friendship and mutual support from joining local groups “ “The way to keep moving forward is to talk to others living with same condition” “Look on internet, but only at the good stuff,  as lots of scary stuff out there!” “In some situations you’re in, it can be hard not to become angry… what […]

Where do you get help and support?

This picture shows all the people, services and important signposts to support your self management. Think about yourself driving or walking along the road and all of these signs that you might see. It may surprise you to see just how much support there is when you begin to be supported in living with a […]