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Where to get help

Extended family – grandparents, aunts and uncles, even close friends can all help to spend time with your other children when the asthmatic child is ill. Social media – keep in touch with friends or other parents of children with asthma by using Twitter, Facebook or chat rooms such as Netmum’s. or Asthma UK has […]

When does asthma transition start?

Every child is different. Children will all be ready to transition at different times, but most clinics usually start the process when the child is around the age of 12. When the child is old enough and when they feel ready. When your doctor or nurse think they may be ready. The healthcare team are […]

13 – 14 years old

As they become teenagers they will be looking for control in their lives. Some may use asthma as a tool to gain control. Some may be in denial that they have asthma. Most don’t like to be different from other teenagers. Some teenagers forget or refuse to take regular inhalers for reasons above. This is […]