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As your child gets older they should be able to gradually, over time, take control and responsibility for their asthma including medication. What can you do if you think your child is not taking their asthma medication? Is there any particular reason why your teenager is not taking the medication? Talk to them about this. […]


Not all teenagers with asthma will be anxious about their condition. However the years of adolescence can be associated with an increased risk of anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. Abnormal or dysfunctional breathing can occur (link to section on breathlessness ) Specialist respiratory physiotherapy can help.  Occasionally children are referred to a specialist respiratory physiotherapist who […]

Life changes for your child

From teenage years to their twenties your child’s life changes significantly. They may have exams, leave school, start work, be unable to find work, start new relationships, become pregnant, travel or move away from home. All of these situations are different, some stressful others exciting but all are made easier if their asthma is being […]

13 – 14 years old

As they become teenagers they will be looking for control in their lives. Some may use asthma as a tool to gain control. Some may be in denial that they have asthma. Most don’t like to be different from other teenagers. Some teenagers forget or refuse to take regular inhalers for reasons above. This is […]

Self management of your asthma

Self management is about growing in confidence and gaining new skills, to help you manage your condition. This will be done with support from your health care professionals, carers and family. This does not mean that you have to cope alone or that the health care professionals are abandoning you. Self management is about you […]

Taking charge of your asthma

If you have had asthma since childhood you may have seen many different healthcare experts, doctors and your GP. If you have been diagnosed with asthma as a young adult you may have many questions about what asthma is and how asthma will affect you. There are some important facts and tips you need to […]

Working together

Asthma management needs a team approach. Teenagers can manage their asthma but will still need support from their parents. Parents can’t make their teenager take medication. Good asthma control is not hard to achieve for the majority of teenagers but you need to work together, teenagers, parents and your asthma team. Knowing how to do […]