Smoking and risky behaviour

1) Life changes for your child

© Crown copyright 2009

© Crown copyright 2009

From teenage years to their twenties your child’s life changes significantly. They may have exams, leave school, start work, be unable to find work, start new relationships, become pregnant, travel or move away from home. All of these situations are different, some stressful others exciting but all are made easier if their asthma is being well controlled.

They don’t want to miss out but they may be embarrassed to take their inhalers when they are with their friends or when they meet new people. Most teenagers don’t want to be “fussed over” or attract unwanted attention to their asthma.

This can also be a time when they start taking more risks which could affect their asthma control. Drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs, an unhealthy diet, not getting enough sleep.