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When does transition end?

Transition ends when your child: Knows and understands all about their asthma and triggers. Knows and understands all about their treatments. Knows and understands when their asthma is getting worse. Thinks they are ready to go to clinic on their own. When they can manage their own asthma. When their asthma care is the responsibility […]

Working together

Asthma management needs a team approach. Teenagers can’t manage their asthma without their parents right away, it takes time. Parents can’t make their teenager take medication into their body. Good asthma control is not hard to achieve, but everyone needs to work together, teenagers, parents and your asthma team. Knowing how to do your bit […]

Parents and transition

Parents will naturally be anxious. You have managed your child’s asthma well for years. Can be a frustrating time. You might get angry at your teenager’s attitude to asthma. Parents need support to let go. There should be a  gradual handover of responsibility. Parents still have a legal responsibility until your child is 16 years […]

What happens in transition clinic?

The children’s doctor will write to the adult doctor to tell them about your child and their asthma. You will go to the adult clinic and see the doctors and nurses there. Sometimes the children’s doctor and nurse see you there too. This might be in a different hospital. Your child can still bring parents/carers […]

How do I get my child ready for transition?

The children’s doctor and nurse will help you and your child get ready for transition clinic. This way of working is recommended in the British Thoracic Society / Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) guideline 153: British Guideline on Management of Asthma [pdf]. They will help them to learn about their asthma and triggers. They will […]

When does asthma transition start?

Every child is different. Children will all be ready to transition at different times, but most clinics usually start the process when the child is around the age of 12. When the child is old enough and when they feel ready. When your doctor or nurse think they may be ready. The healthcare team are […]

Why does my child have to go to a transition clinic?

This will help prepare you and your child for going to adult clinic by themselves. It will help your child understand about their asthma as they get older. It will help them to understand their asthma treatments. It will help them to become more in control of their asthma. It might take a year or […]

When does transition start?

Your child goes through many transitions or changes throughout their life time. Moving on from primary to secondary school. Transition from parents or carers doing everything for them, to doing some things by themselves. Transition from being told what to do, to learning to make their own decisions. Your child will need help and guidance […]

What is transition?

A time to move on. Getting ready to move from the children’s asthma clinic to the adult clinic usually between the ages of 11 to 16. Your child learns about their asthma. Your child learns how to manage their asthma. Your dependent child is becoming an independent adult. The process of transition is gradual and […]

16 years plus

By the age of sixteen they are classed as an adult. May still benefit from supervision, reminding and help to get to appointments and prescriptions. They may be transferring from the child asthma services which they have been familiar with to adult asthma services. Your focus as a parent should be on stepping back and […]