Teenagers and transition to adult asthma care

7) What happens in transition clinic?

Teenage girls waiting for more tests in the clinic waiting room

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  • The children’s doctor will write to the adult doctor to tell them about your child and their asthma.
  • You will go to the adult clinic and see the doctors and nurses there. Sometimes the children’s doctor and nurse see you there too. This might be in a different hospital.
  • Your child can still bring parents/carers or a friend with them to the clinic. If they prefer they can go to clinic on their own.
  • The team start the consultation with young person.
  • Careful explanation and discussion needed with young person and parent.
  • May take several attempts.
  • They build up confidence, independence and consultation skills.
  • Honest and unbiased young person’s perspective.
  • Parents can join the review to summarise and discuss their observations.
  • Everyone should agree on the next steps.