Asthma, pacing and overcoming fatigue

1) Pacing… what is it?

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Pacing is all about using the energy you have wisely so you may achieve all you want to do at a speed and time within your capabilities.

  • Pacing is important when you are living with asthma. You may find you have days when you are more troubled by symptoms. (good and bad days?).
  • Pacing strategies help you stay more in control of your symptoms. If you feel your symptoms control your activities and what you do on a day-to-day basis, pacing helps you make active choices and decisions based on what your body is telling you that day.
  • The principles of pacing are practical and really quite straightforward. Putting pacing into practice that can be the challenge.
  • Pacing is a combination of balance, rest and activity depending on your energy requirements.