How parents can help an anxious child

5) Tips to help your child – activities and routines

© Crown copyright 2013

© Crown copyright 2013

Do let your child do normal activities. Encourage your child to take part with friends in healthy social and physical activities.

Let your child learn to be independent. Supervise them until you are confident that they can manage tasks on their own. If they see you are pleased and that you trust them they will feel more confident and know they are safe.

Be consistent about how to handle your child’s anxiety. Talk to other adults such as your spouse, partner or grandparents so they are aware of the way you are handling your child’s anxiety.

Help your child break down large tasks into smaller tasks. This helps the child feel less overwhelmed.

Give your child jobs or chores  to encourage independence and give them a clear role, to feel important and contribute to the family in the same way as other children.

Provide a consistent pattern for the day. If your family’s schedule is going to change, discuss it ahead of time with your child.

Offer choices. When your child is given a choice or some element of control in an activity or interaction, they may feel more safe and comfortable. These choices should be about how or when to take asthma treatment, not if they take treatment.