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Making progress

Goal setting and self management is an ongoing process. You should take time to think about the things and tasks which are important to you. Review and refine your self management plans. Write them down and tick each task as you complete it. Some people like to have reminders of their plans and goals where […]

What is self management

Self management is about: Understanding your Asthma and how it affects you. The positive things you can do to improve your health and wellbeing. Small changes can make a big difference. Having the confidence to manage your Asthma day to day. Being able to make informed choices and decisions about your life and health. Including […]

Tips to help your child – activities and routines

Do let your child do normal activities. Encourage your child to take part with friends in healthy social and physical activities. Let your child learn to be independent. Supervise them until you are confident that they can manage tasks on their own. If they see you are pleased and that you trust them they will feel […]