Self management and how can it help you? (Adult Asthma)

4) SMART goals

  • Break the goal down into small do-able steps and or action plans.
  • Carry out the small do-able steps or action plans.
  • Check how you are doing.
  • Change your plan if necessary.
  • Solve any problems along the way.
  • Reward yourself when your goal is achieved.
  • Set a further goal.

Your goals should be:

S = Specific

Narrow down and define your goal. Be clear about what you want to do.

M = Measurable

If you can measure what you want to do in some way you will know how close you are to achieving your goal.

A = Achievable

Best to set small targets which can be met rather than expecting too much at first. Small steps can lead to big improvements with time.

R = Realistic

If your goal is not realistic you could become frustrated or demoralised when you cannot meet your own expectations. This does not mean you shouldn’t attempt to reach your goal you may have to change the method.

T = Timescale

Many tasks take longer. Make sure your timescales to aim for are also realistic for you.