Relationships and asking for the help you need

3) How do you explain how you feel?


Try thinking about how your asthma affects you physically, emotionally and socially.

At different times these three parts in your life may be more or less important. There may be times when all three parts are having an impact on how you are coping. Once you can identify how these affect you, telling this to others will be easier and you can start to think about ways you have used to cope with similar situations in the past.

Some medications may also effect your emotions. Ask your healthcare team about this if you think your mood is being affected.

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Long term condition
Physical impact symptoms can include: pain, muscle weakness, fatigue (tiredness), short of breath → Emotional impact for example: stress, low mood, fear, anger, guilt, frustration → Social impact for example: difficulty getting out and about, change of role in the family, being off work or unemployed through ill health → Physical