Physical activity and exercise

13) Simple ways to be more physically active

Older man gardening

  • Tap your toes, heels and fingers while sitting and watching TV or listening to the radio.
  • Move around during the adverts on television.
  • Change your habits, lose the TV remote. Get up to change the TV channel or at least get up and move about each time you change the programme.
  • Weed the garden or rake the lawn.
  • Hang up some washing, do gentle housework.
  • Try to do your housework with a bit more ‘gusto’, putting some music on can make this more fun!
  • Get off the bus a stop earlier and walk a little further.
  • Park the car a little further away, or leave it at home and walk.
  • Take the stairs (within reason).
  • Walk the dog.

Make a record of your activity. This can give you a sense of achievement and makes you more likely to keep up with regular exercise. Have a wet weather alternative so you can still be active even if the weather is bad.