Physical activity and exercise

3) Your abilities

Your abilities will vary depending on how you are feeling on each day. For example:

‘I feel ok’ ‘I am feeling a bit worse’ or ‘I am recovering from a flare-up’ ‘I feel much worse’
Man thinking I feel ok Man thinking I am feeling a bit worse Man thinking I feel much worse
You will be able to do all your normal activities and exercise such as an exercise class, walking club, or gardening. You may be able to do some physical activities or exercise, but not as much as normal.

Go to an exercise class but only do weights or go out for a walk but avoid hills.

You may only have the energy, or feel like doing the things you ‘need’ to do. You may have just enough breath or energy to get washed and dressed. You will need to rest regularly through the day.

Sometimes your abilities will remain fairly constant and you should continue to exercise as much as you can.