Asthma, pacing and overcoming fatigue

12) Overcoming fatigue

Rechargable batteries

Fatigue means extreme tiredness.

Fatigue and breathlessness what helps you? Have you tried relaxation? Have you tried breathing control techniques?- if not speak to your healthcare team. Do you need some help to manage difficult or heavy tasks?

Recharge your body “battery” and allow yourself to slow down for a while. Save some energy for later. You can call on your bank of energy when you need it most.

Review what are the most important tasks to you?

  • For example housework – would you rather make your bed or clean your windows if you can’t do both?
  • If you enjoy cooking try making an extra portion to freeze for a time when you feel less able to cook.

For more practical tips see Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland factsheet: Coping with tiredness [.pdf].