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When your child is exercising

They should wear loose , comfortable clothes. Layers are good as they can take off a layer as they start to warm up or add a layer as they cool down. They should wear appropriate shoes or trainers. You can check the pollen count and pollution levels before they exercise outdoors. You can get daily […]

What will the exercise sessions be like?

There will be a warm up with stretches. A gentle exercise session will strengthen your muscles. This will improve fitness and will help you to do more before feeling breathless. You will feel less worried by your breathlessness. A circuit of exercises at your own pace. A cool down with stretches. Exercises in the circuit […]

Types of exercises

Suppleness We know that if you are more flexible daily tasks such as bending and reaching are easier. This will also help you to improve your posture which means your lungs will work better. Strengthening This will increase the load that your muscles can cope with. We know that having stronger muscles will mean that […]