Exercise and sport for children with asthma

3) When your child is exercising

Boy taking a drink of water

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  • They should wear loose , comfortable clothes. Layers are good as they can take off a layer as they start to warm up or add a layer as they cool down.
  • They should wear appropriate shoes or trainers.
  • You can check the pollen count and pollution levels before they exercise outdoors. You can get daily information from the Met Office – air quality and Met Office – pollen count. If pollution or pollen levels are high avoid exercise outdoors.
  • Children should use warm up activity and move all joints before their main exercise. This involves stretching all the muscle groups and warming up their muscles by increasing blood flow. It is also important for children to rotate all the joints before exercise. They can do this by doing slow circular movements, both clockwise and counter-clockwise, until the joint seems to move smoothly. Stretch all muscles then a few minutes jogging on the spot or skipping.