Physical activity and exercise

11) Types of exercises

  • Cartoon picture of person doing yoga
    We know that if you are more flexible daily tasks such as bending and reaching are easier. This will also help you to improve your posture which means your lungs will work better.
  • Picture of weightsStrengthening
    This will increase the load that your muscles can cope with. We know that having stronger muscles will mean that you are less breathless during activity. Strengthening exercises may involve working against your own body weight, for example squats (bending at the knees to a squatting position while standing), or it may involve using external weights, for example hand or ankle weights.
  • Cartoon picture of lady doing aerobics
  • Stamina
    These exercises help your heart and your lungs by making them work a bit harder. You will feel breathless during these exercises – this is normal. For more information please see our section on Pulmonary Rehab. Cardiovascular exercise may include walking, cycling or running – any activity that makes you breathless!