Oxygen therapy

3) My health care team have told me I might benefit from home oxygen.

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What happens then?
Your GP will refer you to the respiratory team who will arrange for you to have an oxygen assessment . This is normally done over a few hours in hospital as a day patient.

Part of it will be to measure your arterial blood gas, (ABG). This is a blood test which is normally taken from the wrist.

In some hospitals you may have a sensor attached to your finger or earlobe. It measures accurately how much oxygen is circulating in your blood. It usually needs to be done twice at around 3 weeks apart to make sure it is accurate. You need to be free from infection when you have your oxygen assessment.

When will I know the results?

Normally, you should be told your results and if you will need home oxygen at the same appointment.

For more information please read: Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland: Oxygen Assessment Leaflet [.pdf]