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Oxygen – Staying within Scotland

Check that your accommodation and chosen mode of transport will accept oxygen. Carry enough oxygen/ensure enough battery life for the journey. Then contact Health Facilities Scotland so that they can have an oxygen supply ready for your arrival. Holiday requests must be made in writing, information required: Full postal address of holiday destination. Inclusive dates […]


How do I choose my accommodation?  Think about whether the accommodation meets all your needs. In addition to your usual accommodation wish list consider: The surroundings  – will you need to climb a hill to get to it? Is it a remote location? Does it have parking nearby? Does it have stairs or a lift? […]

Travelling with oxygen

In a private car: Ensure that the user and the driver are trained in the correct method of operation of the oxygen equipment. Use the equipment with the car ventilation system set to draw in fresh air from outside the car. Do not allow anyone to smoke in the car. Do not use the oxygen […]

Oxygen safety

Flammable Materials: Do not let oxygen equipment come into contact with oils or grease, paraffin based products and NEVER use any form of lubricant (ignition is a greater risk in an oxygen enriched environment). Do not use or store oxygen near any flammable/ oily materials. Do not cover or wipe the equipment with any fibrous […]

What can I expect from my health care team?

Once you start home oxygen, you will be seen once a year by the team to review how you’re getting on with it. This may include: a discussion about your symptoms, an examination and a discussion focused on how you are feeling. A medication review including inhaler technique (for more information see our section on: A […]