Oxygen therapy

9) Oxygen safety


Flammable Materials:
Do not let oxygen equipment come into contact with oils or grease, paraffin based products and NEVER use any form of lubricant (ignition is a greater risk in an oxygen enriched environment).

  • Do not use or store oxygen near any flammable/ oily materials.
  • Do not cover or wipe the equipment with any fibrous material.
  • Protect the equipment by carrying, storing and using in approved carry cases only (where provided).
  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly before handling any oxygen equipment.
  • Do not use or store the oxygen equipment within three metres of:
    • naked flames.
    • sources of intense heat (e.g. cooker hobs, ovens, heaters etc).

Avoid oxygen enrichment by:

  • Turning off the equipment when not in use.
  • Not permitting oxygen to accumulate on absorbent materials such as clothing, bedding, furniture.
  • Keeping the user environment well ventilated.

Fire Risks:
Consequences of oxygen enrichment:

  • Materials which are not flammable in air may ignite and /or burn in higher concentrations of oxygen.
  • Materials which will burn in air will burn/ ignite at lower temperatures if the oxygen concentration is higher.
  • Do not smoke or let others smoke near anyone while using oxygen. This not only presents a fire risk but is seriously detrimental to health.

You should be advised that the Scottish  Fire and Rescue Service will be provided with your details to:

  • Place on record the fact you have Oxygen equipment.
  • Conduct a risk assessment / fit smoke alarms where appropriate.

Anyone can arrange a free fire safety check and free smoke alarm fitting anywhere in Scotland at a time to suit you by calling 0800 0731 999 or go to the Scottish fire and rescue website.

Free Home Fire Safety Visit and Free Smoke Alarm leaflet – Fire Scotland [pdf]