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Lung Volumes

This test measures the total size of the lungs including the areas inside the lung which cannot be emptied. There are different ways of measuring lung volumes. One breathing oxygen. One involves being enclosed in a glass box where pressure changes in the lungs are measured. One involves breathing Helium, this method is now less […]

DLco gas transfer test, (Diffusion in lungs using Carbon Monoxide)

This test measures how the lung surface works and how well the oxygen you breathe in goes through to the blood. It involves breathing in a specific mixture of gases.  The gases used are all found in normal room air. They include Methane  and Carbon monoxide but in very, very small concentrations. Although carbon monoxide is […]

Hospital tests

Your GP may refer you to a respiratory consultant for more detailed tests. Pulmonary function tests Pulmonary function tests are breathing tests carried out in the hospital after being seen by the Respiratory Consultant. You may have had some basic tests at your GP surgery. These hospital tests give more in depth information about your […]