Pacing and overcoming fatigue

10) Barriers to pacing

A young adult woman showing signs of distress

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  • Ignoring what your body is telling you.
  • Getting caught by old habits and routines. It is not always easy to change the habits of a lifetime. For example if you are someone who always hurries, it is going to be a challenge for you to slow down.
  • Not saying “No”, or not negotiating with others what is right for you.
  • Being fearful of symptoms. This can then lead to avoidance behaviours and disrupt daily activities and plans. Then there is the risk of getting stuck in peak / trough, and not doing enough to support your continued well being.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by symptoms which may affect your mood.

If you are struggling putting pacing into practice you are not alone. Speak to someone, a friend/family member or health care professional. A problem shared and talked through can offer new solutions.