Pulmonary rehabilitation

14) How will I get there?

Group of older ladies waiting for a bus at the bus stop

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Many pulmonary rehabilitation classes are based in the community to make them easier to get to.

However, if you are unable to get there yourself, ask the programme organiser if they can arrange transport. Not all pulmonary rehab programmes will be able to offer this. However, there may be other local schemes that you can use such as Dial a Ride, Taxi Cards or Volunteer Car Schemes.

You may find that at first you need to take a taxi to the venue but after the first few weeks as your energy levels and fitness improves you can use public transport or even walk part or all of the way, especially if it is close to where you live.

If you have difficulty arranging transport please contact the CHSS Advice Line nurses for help on free phone 0808 801 0899.