Tips for daily living

6) Housework

Mature lady hoovering

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  • Prioritise what tasks need to be done, and plan into your day and throughout your week. Do not try to get it all done at once.
  • Schedule more demanding tasks for the time of day which is best for you. Remember to pace yourself, resting after each stage of a task to manage increased breathlessness.
  • Some housework tasks are harder than others. Changing a duvet cover or making a bed can be heavy work. Get help or try doing this in stages rather than all at once.
  • Vacuuming can also be difficult because of the weight of the machine and the dust. If you are buying a new vacuum cleaner think about getting a light weight model.
  • Use a damp microfibre cloth when dusting. This will help to keep the dust from spreading in the air around you and getting into your lungs.
  • Sit down when you are ironing or washing up.
  • Avoid strong scented air fresheners or cleaning products.