Signs of infection or exacerbation and what to do

7) Assessment in hospital

Your assessment will usually include the following:

Pulse Oximeter Chest X-ray Blood tests
Pulse oximeterThis is the small clip which is put on to your finger to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood Chest x-rayTo check for pneumonia or other problems in the lung Blood testsTo check how the kidney and liver are working, to look for anaemia (lack of iron in your blood), and sometimes check the gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) in your blood
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Sputum sample Spirometry
ECG monitorTo check your heart function as these types of situations can sometimes put a strain on your heart Sputum sample containerTo check for infection which will help to prescribe the correct treatment for you Spirometry machineA Spirometry test can be used to confirm a diagnosis of COPD, it is a breathing test using a spirometry machine. For more information see the topic on Spirometry.