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Positive Expiratory Pressure and Oscillatory Positive Expiratory pressure

These techniques involve the use of devices. These are not commonly used by people with COPD. They can be used on their own, or at the same time as other breathing exercises such as Autogenic Drainage. For this reason you may also hear these devices being referred to as ‘adjuncts’. Devices include: Positive Expiratory Pressure […]

Why use an Airway Clearance Technique?

It is not normal to be aware of your sputum. If sputum is troubling you, practising an airway clearance technique can help you to manage this. You will need a physiotherapist to show you these techniques. Clearing your chest everyday should become as normal in your routine as brushing your teeth. If you have a […]

What are Airway Clearance Techniques?

Airway Clearance Techniques are different types of breathing exercises that help you to get sputum out of your lungs. This is a term that may be used to cover lots of different ways that you may be taught to clear sputum out of your lungs. May also be referred to as ‘Chest Clearance’, ‘Breathing Exercises’ […]

About sputum

When we talk about clearing your chest we are talking about removing excess sputum. Sputum classification Sputum may be clear or white and frothy (mucoid). Sputum which is slightly thicker and cloudy or opaque (mucopurulent). If you have an infection you may see the colour of your sputum getting darker with either a yellow or […]

Assessment in hospital

Your assessment will usually include the following: Pulse Oximeter Chest X-ray Blood tests This is the small clip which is put on to your finger to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood To check for pneumonia or other problems in the lung To check how the kidney and liver are working, to look […]

Amber – looking for changes

Look for changes in symptoms Sputum/Phlegm/Glut. This can change in colour, thickness and amount. It can be darker than your normal colour if infection is present, i.e.-yellow to green. There can be more or less of it. An infection can increase the amount or it can become thick and sticky so it’s harder to clear […]

Chronic Bronchitis

In chronic bronchitis exposure to an irritant over many years causes inflammation in the lungs which leads to the following changes: The smooth muscle in the airway becomes thicker and narrows the breathing tubes (airways). The narrowing is permanent and cannot be reversed. You may feel breathless because your lungs and muscles are working harder […]