Asthma and pets (adult)

3) Things to try to reduce exposure

Pets, 2 indoor rabbits

Pets – rabbits

  • If you have furry pets, regular grooming and bathing them can help. If you have asthma get someone else to do this.
  • If you have caged birds or small animals such as gerbils, guinea pigs or hamsters get someone to clean out their cage daily.
  • If you can’t give a larger dog or cat a bath, try using a damp micro fibre cloth to wipe their fur daily. This will take away some of the dust and dander on the surface of their fur.
  • If you are visiting someone else who has a pet ask them to put the pet in another room while you are there and make sure you take your preventer and reliever inhalers with you.
  • Always wash your hands after you have stroked, petted or handled a pet. This also applies to children with asthma.
  • Ask your GP if there are any other anti allergen medicine you can try.
  • You may need a higher dose of your preventer inhaler. Discuss with your GP.
  • If you have a severe allergy or your asthma cannot be controlled you may need to think about re-homing your pet as a last resort.
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