Asthma and pregnancy

2) Taking care of you and your baby

The most important thing you can do, when pregnant, is to continue to control your own asthma health by following your asthma plan. If you don’t have an asthma plan see your doctor to discuss and tailor one for your needs.

It is important that you continue to take all of your prescribed medicines including your preventer, reliever and long acting inhalers. All of these are safe to use throughout your pregnancy.


Remember if you stop taking your asthma medicines you could be putting yourself at risk from an asthma attack and your baby would be at much greater risk in the womb. If this happens your baby risks being born prematurely with a low birth weight.

Self management

You are taking in oxygen for you and your baby so it is so important that you have good control of your asthma for both of you.

Examples of asthma action plans: