Asthma in young people and teenagers

5) Get to know your medicine

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Asthma can be dangerous but if it is treated and managed properly you can significantly reduce the chance of an asthma attack in the majority of people with asthma.

The aim of your treatment is to keep you as free from symptoms and flare-ups as possible. Take your treatment as prescribed and use your inhalers correctly.

If you think your inhalers are becoming less effective or your symptoms are worse than usual you should ask for a review with your GP or asthma specialist nurse. Pharmacists can also check that you are talking your inhaler correctly. It is possible that your type of inhaler can be changed or the dose changed to give better symptom relief.

Know the difference between your preventer and your reliever inhalers.

You should have a flu vaccination every year. See the section Vaccinations for adults with asthma for more information.