Tips for daily living (Asthma)

9) Meal planning and eating

Healthy eating, green pepper and yellow pepper

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When you are planning meals:

  • Try to eat nutritious foods. Don’t skip meals, eating regularly helps your energy levels. See the section on Healthy Eating for more information.
  • Planning your meals in advance can help.
  • Consider resting between cooking and eating.
  • Small meals, more often, can be better for you if you are breathless when eating.
  • Sit while eating. Eat slowly and put down utensils between bites. Remember to eat slowly and to control your breathing while chewing.
  • If necessary try taking your medication and inhalers before your meal as this can make your breathing easier.
  • Try not to fill up on drinks while eating. Avoid fizzy drinks which will make you feel full.
  • Cooking and eating with family or a friend shares the task, and is sociable, so you are more likely to enjoy your food.