How your child’s asthma affects you and the rest of your family

2) Parents

A young adult woman looking stressed

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Any parent of a child with asthma will go through times of stress or worry when your child is unwell. You may recognise some of the following feelings in yourself.

  • Anxiety -Constantly being aware and looking out for asthma symptoms or being frightened of a severe attack.
  • Fatigue – Especially if your child has night time symptoms or when you are trying to juggle home, children and work.
  • Sharing your time with other children – If you have other children who do not have asthma it can be difficult to make time for all of them when the child with asthma is unwell.
  • Trying to treat all your children the same – all your children will have different needs.
  • Being overprotective – limiting your child with asthma from normal childhood experiences.
  • No “me” time – for yourself or with your partner and friends.