What to expect of your child at different ages

4) 4 – 6 years old

Young boy on a scooter

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  • Some children at this age will be used to their inhalers and will take them with no problems.
  • Some may occasionally fight taking inhalers but this tends to happen less often as they get used to them and you can reason with the child to a some extent.
  • Parents still need to recognise and manage all aspects of their child’s asthma.
  • When your child starts school make sure that the school have supplies of inhalers which have your child’s name on and specific instructions about your child’s asthma. Check what support the school offers.
  • They are still too young to recognise their symptoms and know what they mean.
  • Parents are in charge – you are the person making the decision about how they are, even though this can be difficult with a feisty six year old.