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What will happen if I have a skin prick test?

A small amount of allergen is put just under the skin to produce a localised reaction. This looks like a wheal (bump) and flare (redness) at the puncture site. The type of allergen used is decided after consultation with medical staff and based on each person’s medical history and symptoms . Roughly between 6-15 allergens […]

Antibody treatment – Omalizumab

Omalizumab is an Anti IgE monoclonal antibody. It is licensed for use only in adults and children over 6 yrs. It may be considered as therapy only if you: Have impaired lung function. Have frequent asthma attacks and are symptomatic. Are taking high-dose steroid inhalers and Long-acting beta receptor antagonists which last for up to 12 hours. […]

Allergies and antibodies

Asthma is sometimes linked with allergies. If you have this type of asthma you will be looked after by an asthma specialist. Some people with asthma related allergies may be suitable for antibody treatment. Antibody treatment is only effective for small number of people with allergic asthma, it doesn’t work for everyone. If the specialist […]

Medicine for difficult to manage asthma

There are different types of commonly used treatments for difficult to manage asthma: Monoclonal antibodies (e.g. Omalizumab which is also known by the name Xolair®). Oral steroids or injection. Steroid sparing agents (e.g. Methotrexate, ciclosporin, gold). Antifungal medicines. Terbutaline infusion (A fast acting reliever) Some medicines are preventative and others are used to treat an […]