Anticipatory care plans and end of life care

3) When to make your anticipatory care plan?

Couple readingThere is no set time when an anticipatory care plan should be made, although it is best to think about what you want when you are well. The wrong time to do this is when you are ill, stressed or in the middle of an exacerbation or flare up.

You do not have to plan everything in one go. You can do it step by step over a period of time.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and to think about.

  • How do you feel about choices and care around the end of life?
  • What kind of care do you want?
  • What are you worried about?
  • Where you would prefer to be if you could not manage on your own at home?
    • At home with extra support?
    • In hospital?
    • In a care home or in a hospice? Hospices can sometimes offer a short term respite and assessment to improve pain relief and symptom control to enable you to return home. They also offer excellent family support. Remember you are expressing your preference, even if you have a local hospice they may not have a bed available at all times so an alternative may be needed.
  • Your preferences and choices may depend on what services and support are available to you in your local area.
  • Do you have a Faith or spiritual beliefs which are important to you?
  • Have you made a will or appointed a power of attorney?

For more information please see our section on: Planning your future care.