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Making choices – tips from people who are living with COPD

The following quotes are from people like you who are living with COPD. Just ask them (health care staff) how this diagnosis will affect your life span (and reassure them you really want to know). Don’t wait until you are ill to talk about the tricky stuff – do it well ahead. I found starting […]

What would happen if there is no power of attorney?

If sometime later you become unwell and no longer able to make or remember decisions – you no longer have capacity. If you are too unwell to make or communicate your decisions the medical and respiratory team will try to make the best decisions about your care at that time. Healthcare professionals have a duty […]

Power of attorney – Why do you need a power of attorney?

Some people continue to make their own decisions right up to the final days. This is known as Capacity. Capacity means that you can act on and make your own decisions. Capacity means that you understand decisions, their implications and retain the memory of the decisions. You should always be asked about your care if […]

When to make your anticipatory care plan?

There is no set time when an anticipatory care plan should be made, although it is best to think about what you want when you are well. The wrong time to do this is when you are ill, stressed or in the middle of an exacerbation or flare up. You do not have to plan everything […]