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Making choices – medical decisions

What treatment would you want? What treatment would you not want? The most important medical and nursing care at the end of your life which you may want to discuss are : Symptom relief. To relieve your symptoms and to keep you comfortable. Pain relief. If needed, this will reduce your pain, reduce agitation and keep […]

When to make your anticipatory care plan?

There is no set time when an anticipatory care plan should be made, although it is best to think about what you want when you are well. The wrong time to do this is when you are ill, stressed or in the middle of an exacerbation or flare up. You do not have to plan everything […]

What is an Anticipatory Care Plan?

The process of telling others about your wishes is known as anticipatory care planning. Making a record of your personal care choices is the Anticipatory Care Plan. We all grow older. We will all die sometime. Few of us are comfortable discussing dying and death. Anticipatory Care Plans can help. They are flexible and provide […]

COPD and anticipatory care

COPD is a long term condition which is not predictable and once lung damage has happened it is not reversible. The challenge of being unpredictable is that it is difficult to anticipate if or when your COPD will deteriorate. Everyone with COPD is an individual. Thinking about the kind of care you would want or not […]