Healthy eating for people with COPD

4) Nourishing diet tips if you are trying to gain weight

If you are suffering from unintentional weight loss at any BMI and struggling to eat a normal diet then you may wish to consider the following:

  1. icon_diet_milke_145
    Choose full fat/ high energy options e.g. whole milk, avoid low fat options
  2. icon_diet_butter_145
    Add cheese, cream, butter to meals where possible
  3. icon_diet_mayonnaise_145
    Use mayonnaise/ dressings where possible
  4. icon_diet_honey_145
    Add honey, syrup, jams where possible
  5. icon_diet_fortfifiedmilk_145
    Make fortified milk (instructions on next page)
  6. icon_diet_milkshake_145
    Try to take nourishing drinks e.g. smoothies, fruit juice, milk shakes, hot chocolate, energy drinks
  7. icon_diet_nodrinks_145
    Don’t fill up on drinks before a meal
  8. icon_diet_6meals_145
    Try and eat little and often throughout day e.g. three small meals and two-three snacks per day

If you are finding it a struggle to eat enough, are losing weight, or notice that you are losing strength in your muscles and your body shape is changing, you now need to approach your diet differently. You should discuss your weight loss with a health professional and get advice on how to make the most of the nourishment in your food/ drink to help you regain weight and strength. If you have sudden unplanned weight loss you should also seek advice from your healthcare professional as there are many possible causes for this kind of weight loss.