Pacing and overcoming fatigue

1) Pacing… what is it?

Lady shopping for groceries

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Pacing yourself is all about managing the balance of all the tasks you need to do and some you want to do without rushing, tiring yourself out or making you feel worse.

  • Pacing is important when you are living with COPD. You may find you have good days and bad days when you are more troubled by your symptoms.
  • Pacing will help you stay more in control of your symptoms. If you feel your symptoms control what you do on a daily basis ,pacing helps you make active choices and decisions based on what your body is telling you that day.
  • Activity if paced correctly will not make your COPD worse.
  • The principles of pacing are practical and really quite straightforward, its often putting pacing into practice that can be the challenge.
  • Pacing is a combination of balance, rest and activity depending on your energy needs.