Pulmonary rehabilitation

9) I don’t think I’m fit enough?

A male healthcare professional in the gym with a female patient who is riding a stationary bike

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Please don’t worry! Pulmonary Rehabilitation can be adapted to suit almost anyone. It is especially useful if you have recently had an exacerbation or flare up and you are recovering.

One of the main aims of pulmonary rehabilitation is to teach you how to manage your breathlessness and be active.

  • Before you start the class, you will be assessed by a Physiotherapist. This will involve an individual appointment face to face with the physiotherapist.
  • You will need to answer some questions which will help your physiotherapist understand how your condition affects you and what things you would like to be able to do after completing the course.
  • You will also do a walking test or an exercise bike test. This will let your physiotherapist assess your fitness.
  • This will mean that the exercises you do will suit your own abilities, fitness and goals.
  • People who use portable oxygen can attend pulmonary rehabilitation.