Pulmonary rehabilitation

10) I don’t think pulmonary rehabilitation is for me

Female therapist laughing with 2 male members of the pulmonary rehabilitation class

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  • You will never be made to go to pulmonary rehabilitation if you don’t want to.
  • If you are not sure whether it is for you, ask if you can go along to a local class for a ‘taster’, or see our video clip.
  • Ask a healthcare professional what other things you can do to be active, either at home or with another group (see our section on Physical activity and exercise for more information).
  • You should be reassured that the exercise can be adapted to suit any level of fitness and ability. You will always be closely supervised and monitored by the pulmonary rehabilitation team.
  • The only time you should not go to pulmonary rehabilitation sessions are if you have an exacerbation, flare up or infection and you have an acute illness.