Pulmonary rehabilitation

1) What is pulmonary rehabilitation?

Two female doing warm up exercises

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a free programme of exercises and information for people living with COPD. It helps by supporting you to learn ways that help to control your symptoms and improve your general well being.

You may be surprised at how much more you will be able to do by the end of the pulmonary rehab programme.

  • Pulmonary = your lungs.
  • Rehabilitation = to improve your health.

How can Pulmonary Rehabilitation help you?

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation has been proven to improve the lives of people living with COPD by showing you how to control your symptoms and improve your lifestyle.
  • Feeling short of breath can be frightening. As time goes on, you may feel you can do less and less. This can lead to anxiety, anger, frustration and even isolation. Pulmonary Rehab can help you to overcome these feelings through a combination of breathing control, methods for coping and exercise.
  • You will be able to do more by the end of the programme, for example walking further, managing the stairs more comfortably, keeping up with your grand children or doing the housework.
  • You will meet others like you who know exactly what it is like to have COPD and you can share helpful experiences and advice.
  • During all the sessions you will be carefully supervised by a health care professional and exercises can be adapted to meet your level of breathlessness.