Pulmonary rehabilitation

12) What patients say about pulmonary rehab

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  • “I wish I had done these classes years ago”.
  • “I’ve now got the upper hand when it comes to my breathlessness”.
  • “When I get breathless, I don’t make it worse by panicking like I used to do”.
  • “I feel like I’ve got my life back”.
  • “It is not an exercise class really, it is a rest class interrupted by some exercise”.
  • “It was the pacing which really helped me and meeting people like me”.
  • “The best thing that I did was the pulmonary rehabilitation class”. “I must admit I wasn’t keen on it when they asked me”. “I have to say it was definitely the best thing I did”. “I think it helped give more confidence that I could control the COPD and not let it control me”.

Quote from the pulmonary rehabilitation team:

“Our patients feel fitter, stronger and more able to do things for themselves.” “They have made new friends – ones who understand how they feel – and feel more in control of their breathing”.