Self management and how can it help you?

5) Making progress

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Goal setting and self management is an ongoing process. You should take time to think about the things and tasks which are important to you. Review and refine your self management plans. Write them down and tick each task as you complete it.

  • Some people like to have reminders of their plans and goals where they can see them often. Try putting your list on to your mobile phone, beside your computer, beside your bed or on the door of your fridge.
  • Review your progress and your goals within your timescale. Even if your goal has not been fully achieved, think about the parts you have achieved and how well you have done so far.
  • When you set your next goal think about how you can change your goal this time to help you achieve what you want. For example you might not fully complete a goal if you have not allowed yourself enough time or your goal might not be specific so you are not sure if your goal has been achieved or not.
  • Give yourself praise. You are trying to make changes to improve your health and well being which are not always easy at first. You can do it.
  • Write down all the things you have done and all the people who have made a difference to your life. Share this list with those close to you.
  • If you feel your progress has slowed or stalled, get help to get you back on track. Talk to someone, your family, friends, your healthcare team, someone who also has COPD and who knows about self management.
Why not download your own goal setting template and give it a go: