Tips for daily living

3) Morning routine

In the bathroom:

Hand rail

Photo provided with permission from Nottingham rehab

Toilet frame

Photo provided with permission from Nottingham rehab

  • Use the toilet before you begin washing and dressing.
  • Don’t grab on to radiators, toilet roll holders, door handles or the side of the sink or bath when trying to stand up from the toilet. All of these can be slippery or may come away from the fixings when you put weight on them. There are grab rails and toilet seats or frames designed for this.
  • Try sitting down to wash. This saves energy for other things later on.
  • When washing at a sink or basin make sure you are ready and have all you are going to need close by. This saves time and effort of getting up and down several times.
  • A hand sized sponge is usually easier to squeeze out than a towelling face cloth.
  • Use an electric shaver which is easier than a wet shave with a razor. Some electric shavers have a built in balm dispenser and can be used wet or dry.
  • Try not to rush. This just makes you more likely to be breathless, tense, and less likely to thoroughly wash and dry yourself.