Tips for daily living

7) Shopping

Couple shopping

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Plan ahead and organise your shopping trips. Avoid carrying heavy bags and only buy what you can carry without getting overly breathless. Consider getting a wheeled shopping trolley.

Friends and family can also help by getting heavier shopping such as washing powder, cleaning products and tinned food. You may wish to think about ordering shopping on line for home delivery, most supermarkets provide this service. This can also be useful if the weather is bad in winter.

If there are times you can’t get out to do your own shopping (windy days, when you have a chest infection) ask family members to help get perishable foods like milk and bread.

There may be a shopping service or a subsidised bus or taxi scheme in your area which would take you door to door. Ask your local council.

If you are housebound contact your local council to arrange an assessment for a “package of care” to help with shopping, meals. Some social services supply a small freezer and deliver frozen ready meals.