Work and asthma

2) Work and your fitness

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A good place to start is to check with your GP and make sure you fully understand your asthma, your medications and how to stay as well as you can. This includes getting your flu vaccination, asthma action plan and attending follow up appointments.

Discuss your work with your GP. How much physical effort you need, what the work environment is like, can you fit in your medication around your work day?

Your doctor may be able to advise if your asthma could be directly caused by an irritant at work. This is called Occupational Asthma. Your doctor may want to know more about when your asthma is worse and may ask you to keep a diary of symptoms to check if there is a pattern related to the days you work. You might be referred for more tests or to a specialist respiratory clinic. (For more information please see our section on Occupational asthma.)